Chief Engineer, E.I. Division:

He is the over all In-charge of EI Division and five RIO’s and is responsible for:
  1. The works of Chief Electrical Inspector to the Government of India.
  2. Organizes the overall work of the RIO’s and the EI Division and ensures timely conduct of the inspection as per I.E. Rules, 1956 as amended from time to time.
  3. Review and Approval for inspection, and energisation of Electrical Installations.
  4. Quality of Check List.
  5. Management and Review of the activities of the Division and the five RIO’s. He ensures that policies and programs of the Authority are properly implemented.

Superintending Engineer, RIO (North East): 

He is Head of Office of RIO (North East) and is responsible for overall planning, conducting and performing inspection activities, along with performing administrative functions as Head of Office, as are related with RIO (North East), Shillong. 

Deputy Director, RIO (North East): 

He performs inspections and is responsible and assists the Superintending Engineer, RIO (North East) in planning and performs inspection activities along with performing administrative functions related with RIO (North East).

Assistant Director, RIO (North East): 

He performs inspections, assists Superintending Engineer and Deputy Director, in performing day to day work related to monitoring and coordination of inspection activities, administrative and other functions related with RIO (North East). He also acts as D.D.O. of office.

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